Waitress Protection Program (MCU/2 Broke Girls. Rated R.)

I can't remember the last time I had so much fun writing a fic. Especially a multi-chaptered one. Currently at 6, with many many more planned. (They're fairly short, which is really helping me get them out in a somewhat timely manner.) You really only need to have seen an episode or two of 2 Broke Girls to get the gist. Darcy is undercover as Max, this isn't a doppleganger situation. (I watch Vampire Diaries. I've kinda had my fill.)

I pimp because I love.

It's a lot easier to forget when your past isn't being shoved in your face in the form of invading Chitauri. (Or: How Darcy Got Her Groove Back. And Her Name. And A Bonus Archer...or something like that.)
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Fic: You Both Have Heart

Title: You Both Have Heart
Series: None
Fandom: Thor (AUish)
Author: 1lastdanceluv
Character/Pairings: Darcy/Clint, Loki
Warnings: Mild Course Language
Rating: PG (K+)
Word Count: 1,399
Disclaimer: I don’t own Thor or any of the pairings etc.
Written For: Prompt Visitor
Summary: Darcy is sick of blood, bruises and late night calls. Until night time visitor pays Darcy a call…

I can help you…


fic: all kinds of guns, Clint Barton/Darcy Lewis, Teen

Title: all kinds of guns
Author: topaz119
Pairing/Characters: Clint Barton/Darcy Lewis, Jane Foster
Length: ~4900 words
Rating: Teen
Notes: Future timestamp for you need a rock not a rolling stone but it mostly works as a stand-alone if you take it that Clint and Darcy are already together. Inspired by the sandcastles prompt on my [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo card though the actual sandcastles didn't make the final cut.

Summary: For the record, Darcy would like it known that being an adult really fucking sucks sometimes. And she would also like it known that she has held off on that assessment until it was really, really true.

Link: AO3

fic: returns with love and time, Clint/Darcy

Fic: returns with love and time
Author: twistedingenue
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Pairing: Clint/Darcy
Length: 12.5k
Rating: Teen
Warnings: Discussion of Past Abuse
Clint doesn’t ask and she doesn’t say much. He’s smart and knows damage and trauma, can see the fault lines in her and where she’s been stitching herself back together. He doesn’t ask, and she doesn’t say. It’s working pretty well for them.

At AO3

Fic: Scars We Wear Clint/Darcy R (1/1)

Disclaimer: not mine, never will be, just for fun
Distribution: MyLJ, DW, AO3; anywhere else just ask
Summary: Clint deals with the lingering effects of Loki’s mind control
Spoilers: Seen the movie? You're good.
Warnings: Deals with psychological trauma, some swearing.
Author's/notes: With many thanks t [personal profile] xdawnfirex nbsp;as my beta even though this isn’t her fandom. Written for avengerfest and also for thi prompt n the kinkmeme.


[Fanart] The Avengers/Thor, "Darcy and Clint" rated PG

Title: Darcy and Clint
Fanartist: paynesgrey
Fandom Universe: Thor/Avengers MCU
Media: ink pens, Adobe Photoshop
Pairing: Clint Barton (Hawkeye) & Darcy Lewis
Rated: PG (for kissing)
Disclaimer: I do not own the Avengers or any related movies.
Notes: Done for marvel_bang. Unfortunately my author didn't finish her story, but I hope you'll enjoy the artwork anyway.

Links: [my creative LJ] | [my DeviantART]
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Podfic: Louder Than Bells

Title: Louder Than Bells (Sequel to Gift of Asylum)
Authors: carleton97 and sister_wolf
Reader: kalakirya
Fandom: Avengers
Pairing: Clint/Darcy
Rating: PG-13 / Teen and Up
Summary: "Tony. I can't be a superhero." Darcy is pretty sure about this.
Length: 21 minutes
text at AO3
download (right-click and save) as an mp3 (19MB) as a podbook (10MB) (many thanks to fire_juggler for putting together the podbook!)

cover by yours truly